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of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. this after the treasury department found 298 applications had been singled out for special review including 100% of groups with tea party or patriot in their name but only 30% of groups with progress or progressive. now republican congressman darrell issa, chair of the house oversight committee wants lernor to testify again wednesday based on new information he has. chairman, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thanks for having me back and for covering what we believe is going to be a good fact finding hearing. >> all right. let's talk about that. when you recall low he ed lois o testify, her lawyers said can you call her but she is not going to answer any questions. i understand you have late breaking news. >> we do. her attorney indicates now that she will testify. we've had a back and forth negotiation. but quite frankly, we believe that evidence that we've gathered causes her in her best interest to be summoned to testify. >> lois lernor will testify before your committee? >> according to her attorney. >> this will be on wednesday? >> wed
introduced budget and how it could affect your taxes. >>> there are gray skies around the bay area this noontime, but no rain. that may change tomorrow. rosemary is tracking what's heading our way. and she'll be here with the bay area forecast. >>> and despite recent rain, it may be too little too late in alameda county. the proposed water restrictions now under consideration. covered california is howt californians can take advantage of the affordable care act. we can help you get quality health insurance right now. to sign up, call 800-787-9159 or go to you can also use our website to find local, in-person help. one of the biggest questions we get here is, "does covered california offer financial assistance?" yes. covered california is the only place that gives you financial help with your coverage. millions of californians will qualify. find out if you do. all plans include free preventive care. now, you might have a question about what that means. it means free mammograms, immunizations, cancer screenings, and more. it's a big list, and it's all free. so don't wa
pushing for one of the steepest sales taxes in the bay area. >> please don't tell me they're going to raise it again. >> the tradeoff that supporters say would be worth the sacrifice. >> he says he spotted a burglar in his backyard. >> i wasn't thinking straight. >> how a risky confrontation came to a dramatic end. >> after the break, mourning a classmate killed by a train. the fateful decision that cost a young girl her life. >>> critics call uber the wild west. some cities are looking to crackdown on how many vehicles are providing services through ridesharing apps. seattle is working to cap the number of uber, and lift cars on the road at any given time. amber lee is in san francisco, where one city leader says regulation might be enough to improve public safety here. >> reporter: holding a public hearing here at city hall thursday. he wants to discuss ways to regulate this industry. >> on a cold, wet night like this. people are anxious to get home. a quick tap on an app, such as uber, or lift can get you a ride. >> it tells me that there's an increase, due to prime time, and i
the state who are dodging their tax payments. the agency released its list today of the top 500 sales and tax delinquencies and they owe $515 million. nine of the alleged tax yes are located in the 6 in -6z 6 in 6 bay area counties. toping this list statewide is a sacramento business registered as richard w.p. owing more than $3.8 million. coming in second, is kings dry wall supply. three-day blights incorporated in anaheim rounds out the top three. the bay area companies on this list include universal floor covering and hayward, north bay wellness group in santa rosa. a and a sales and marketing which does business and san jose's celebrity services. we posted the full list of the tax offenders on our website, if you'd like to take a look at it. >> the transportation agency voted unanimously this afternoon to expand a pilot program that limits where oversized vehicles such as mobile homes are allowed to park overnight in the city. the program began last june after complaints from city residents who said the vehicle owners were littering, taking up parking spaces and causin
. >>> now, to the south bay, where san jose voters will soon be asked to decide to renew a tax to fund the stie libraries. it is set to expire next year. the city council asked voters to renew tax. it raises about $8 million a year. >>> president obama unveiled his 2015 budget today. it calls for $3.9 trillion in spending. the president went to an elementary school in washington, d.c. to highlight his plans for increased spending in education. it also includes money for public works, and end certain tax breaks for the wealthy. republicans don't like it. more details on what's included for california. it calls for $37 million to help restore san francisco bay, and the delta. more than $300 million to expand two major border crossings with mexico, but it would cut community block services grants to $30 million from $60 million. >>> new at 10:00, the family of the woman who disappeared from san francisco general hospital has filed a legal claim against the city. lynne spalding was found dead in a seldom used stairwell, more than two weeks after she was reported missing. her family is seek
? they will have to pay taxes than buried treasure. their state and federal tax bill is estimated to be $4.7 million. that is according to tax experts who say those gold coins are under the federal level. the couples tax bill for those gold coins due right away. april 15th. i don't like that part. >> see. all right. >>> time is 5:10. the bart board debating a plan to ban transit strikes in the future. coming up why the controversial proposal may be coming to a screeching halt. >> all i did was duck. and slammed on the brakes. >> scary story. target of an east bay freeway shooting and he's describing his terrifying ordeal in an interview you will see only on 2. >> and we have word of a brand new crash here in the oakland area. it sounds like it is blocking all the lanes of 24 near the 580 interchange. we are also looking at the approach on 580 to the richmond bridge. everything is wet. it will be a challenging commute. please be careful. >> we do have some breaks in the rain. especially favoring the coast. >>> good morning. some very heavy rain. around hayward, fremont, pittsburg. there wil
want to take a copy of their most recent tax return. >> if you bring your financial information tax returns so that if you qualify for help from the federal government to pay for your premiums, to pay that monthly bill, they will be able to tell you based on that. >> for those who want to enroll online, the covered california web site is back up and running. it was restored yesterday after a five-day outage. officials say more than a hundred thousand people signed up for insurance in the first two weeks of february for a total of more than 828,000 people. people who aren't enrolled by the march 31st deadline could have to pay a penalty on their 2015 tax returns. >>> there are reports today that federal officials identified a vulnerability in the covered california web site that had not been fixed. an e-mail dated january 10th also said there's no indication consumer information had been compromised and that california was addressing the problem. the e-mail was part of a batch of documents obama taned by the associated press. a california spokesperson denice the system ever had this
tax proposals meant to help low and middle-income families. the white house says the president's budget plan reflects his desire to try to reduce income disparity. by law, the president is required to release a budget plan but for the most part congress usually ignores it and comes up with its own budget. >>> 7:17. back here at home, the oakland police department is hiring and the department is hoping to fill its ranks with some home- grown talent. right now, the oakland police department has 616 police officers and the money to hire 91 more. the department says reaching out to local recruits, that has been a challenge. that's why they are targeting people as early as high school. and they are using technology like social media and text messages to reach the candidates. >> we're recruiting a younger generation, we're much more tech savvy than people were in the past. they are making use of social media so we're going to them. >> the starting salary for for an oakland police officer ranges from $69,000 to $98,000 a year. >>> happening now -- the final day of mardi gras celebrati
and job training and ends tax breaks for the wealthy. they don't like it and house speaker john boehner said it is his most irresponsible budget. the budget calls for $37 million to help restore the bay and more than 3 million for the border crossings in missionco and would bored it from 445, i had ward snow dap, he will take part in a southwest festival. what the community can do against mass surveillance. edward snowden is still in russia where he was granted asylum. he faces espionage for leaking classified information about surveillance programs. one of the biggest airlines is now strictly enforcing its carry on luggage policy. they will no longer tolerate oversized bags on board their trains. they will be stopped to check their bags in. united is trying to make sure there is enough room in overhead bins for all of its passengers. >>> they are getting some good news about the gold coins they found on their property. the they are up to $10 million but they may have come from a theft at the u.s. mint building and if that was true, they would be considered evidence. the coins would be
a friend to tax to pay for general services. they want to expand or lower an existing tax on cable television and landlines to include cell phones. this measure could go on the november ballot. >>> a bizarre attempted murder case in the south bay, police say the weapon was a speeding car targeting total strangers. >>> we are live in san jose where a fire ripped through a town home come plex, we will tell you how many people were affected and what they are saying this morning. >>> it is a rough one, we will give you drive times an alternate routes. >>> still some morning rain, hit and miss, more rain is on the way and we have a stronger system with more rain on the way, details coming up. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ .
. . >>>. >>> state law make irs are considering a bill that would give tax breaks to anyone who adopts a dog or a cat from a shelter. if it is approved, anyone who adopted from a shelter in the state would receive a $100 tax refund from the state. supporters say the bill would encourage more people to take some of the 800 thousand dogs and cats that end up in shelters each year in california. jeremy brown made it official today, he is running for an unprecedented fourth term as gorn nor. at the alameda county rej stars office because he served his first two terms in the 70s before the state had a term limits law, he was not precluded from running again. brown said his reasons for seeking re-election are simple. there are things he still wants to do and also, he likes the job. >> every morning i get up, and i like to go to work, i like to dig into the budget, dig into the legislation. >> governor brown says if he is reelected, he would not rule out running from some other office. >> autopsy results show after at a toxic mix of hern and drugs, just today. a mix of her win cocaine, and bo so die as peen
the tax revenue, that was not the plan. >> no. we never had those scheduled to be ready by super bowl because of the environmental process of building on a landfill. >> reporter: officials dispute reports that say project led by joe montana will not be ready by the super bowl, the city is trying to get his project of two hotels and a restaurant opened by 2016 for the $3.5 million in tax revenue and to use the fame keep the -- fame to keep the coastativity -- the festivities close. >> if it were open in time for the super bowl the lines would be very long and lot of people excited to get inside. . >> reporter: officials say even though san francisco is the host city other cities will benefit and they expect to finalize the deal within the next two months. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we took a tour of the stadium, looking inside the team's locker room, walking on the field and checking out the coolers for beer there at the stadium. watch our tour on >>> documents providing information about the brutal killing of a 15-year-old san jose boy. he was stabbed to death
a trip funded by a private group actually saves tax payers money and gives him more flexibility than official congressional trips. >>> people living in the midwest and northeast say they are getting tired of the extreme winter they've been experiencing. now, a growing number of them are heading to warmer destinations instead. the website says the number of hotel booking the in warm spots made by illinois, new york, massachusetts and washington, d.c. was up 7% last month compared to last year. florida, california, and arizona are their top destinations. >>> 7:17. tori, now to developing news about b.a.r.t. this morning. a problem in the transbay tube. it is disrupting b.a.r.t. service systemwide. tara moriarty is live in oakland. what's going on? >> reporter: well, it seems like the problem might be getting better. we're here at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. the last train that pulled in, it did not wait on the platform. it took off right away. the official word is that bart is on a 20-minute delay this morning. so definitely give yourself some extra time to get whe
with an extra tax. >>> you can vote for your favorite contestant. >> viewers who use google search and facebook will use it rather than waiting for it to end. they will use it per contestant. we will find out which contestant will be eliminated and one of the fingers is still in the running and you can catch american idle right here on channel 2. >>> prevent being transit strikes, bart's board meeting and what transit officials want them to give them. >>> we are live in morgan hill where a tanker truck has spilled onto the roadway, homes have been evacuated and we will let you know southbound 101. . >>> welcome back the opening bell, a lot of stocks to watch, particularly the retailers, we told you about best buy returning to profits and i have to tell you, analystels are very concerned about jc penny if there is a big economic shock and kohl's are better than expected. seers posted a lot bash sears posted a lot but not as bad aspected. >>> thursday, february 2 th, i am dave clark . i guess your son works for plaque rock? >> prepping the bell. >> that was him if. >> not him, works for him. >>>
and that means they can no longer raise taxes, pass emergency legislation or put constitutional amendments without getting republican support. >>> new this morning, day two of the murder trial comes to an end. this is vie yes. last valentine's day. oscar pistorius said he thought she was an intruder. one of his neighbors said she heard screams and then gunshots on thep day of the murder and he heard screaming and requested privacy. >>> a furry visitor at the ski resort which shut down and why officials say it may not be the last time this happens. >>> live in san rafael why police are concerned over a violent crime and weep see traffic is family is moving along relatively well. you may want to add some extra time at the toll plaza and we will give you the drive times straight ahead. >>> outside of our doors we we have a live look and how long will we be dry? i am tracking a new storm in the extended forecast, coming up. . >>> welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are concerned in a recent surge in crime. we are there with the impact this may have on other crimes, brian? >> repor
she moved out. . >>> they have released a list of tacks tell lynn -- tax delinquents. the north bay wellness group marketing of fremont, each have 900,000 and total overdue a half billion dollars. there will be changes made to the scholastic test. those who administer the sat, say there will be changes and they are upgrading and the changes will be in effect in 2016. >>> this is a case making  national news a teenager in new jersey is suing her parents for support. she asked for immediate assistance including paying her tuition, her living expenses and her college tuition but a judge yesterday rejected the teenagers' request. >> she is being steered down the wrong area and it is killing us. >> rachel's parents said she voluntarily moved out and into her best friend's home because she didn't want to obey her parents' rules anymore. >>> and around the world, today marks the first day of lent, ash wednesday and it is a season of prayer leading up to easter. many give up something during lent and other activity, and many are holding ash wednesday's services. >>> he hit the jackpot aft
right now. many big u.s. corporations paying very little taxes. that is weighing in on the markets. tesla bay area company record high after word that it will start making more efficient battery. >>> the huge data breach has taken a toll on target. the retailer says customers stayed away because of concerns about the problem. they also warn cost related to the breach could effect the next earnings report. >>> time is 6:56. police in san leandro are warning people about burglars posing as utility workers. the latest hit was on saturday. we talked to a victim who didn't want to be identified. the victims claimed they were from the water company and needed to check their home. while she was distracted by one burglar she says the others went upstairs and stole cash, jewelry and a handgun. the thieves are two men and a woman. the most recent burglary happened saturday on kenyon avenue. >>> this is my favorite story of a day. a man and woman walking their dog in the gold country where they live came across buried treasure. they spotted rusted canisters. barely visible in the dirt. they p
deliberately targeted conservative groups when they asked for tax exempt status. she may ask for a delay. president obama said he does not believe the investigation will show any corruption on the part of the irs. >> >> a day of teaching children the importance of giving back to their community. students at sun valley school spent the day learning about compassion and the power to make a difference. all part of the day of giving. students chose to be a part of several different activities, including preparing hot meals for homeless families, creating super hero cakes for kids in the hospital and raising money through a bake sale. >> it was a couple of people in the beginning. now, we have 20 people. when you help people, it makes you feel better. >> she said it perfectly. the idea for a day of giving came from the school's go inspire go community heros club. more than 100 people took part in the day's event. >> >> someone won the $60 million powerball drawing. lottery spokesman said the ticket was sold in sacramento. the store is in line for its own reward of $300 thousand bonus for sell
to put a measure on the june ballot that would boost sales tax. if approved, the sales tax would go up by .5% to 9.5%. the measure is expected to bring in an additional $10 million a year to help clear the backlog of projects put on hold during the recession. it includes hiring more police, street repairs and upgrades to fire stations and libraries. city officials say 65% of people in hayward support the increase. >>> 7:42. the golden state warriors may now be shooting for alternative sites for a new basketball arena in san francisco. publicly, the warriors say they are moving ahead with their plans to build a new waterfront april rena south of the bay bridge. however, today's chronicle reports a team is quietly checking out other locations in the city including the main parking lot right across from at&t park. the original proposal calls for building an 18,000-seat arena between piers 30 and 32. opponents say a basketball arena there would ruin the view of the bay. >>> 7:42. a woman in her 80s tied up in her own tome. the recent string of robberies that has an east bay neighborhood on
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